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Grand Vizier

This highest of officials, the Grand Vizier might at times be merely the executive arm of the ruler or he might have held the right to act in place of the ruler, depending upon how active the monarch was.Quite often they were the real power, along with the Valide Sultan, behind the throne of the Ottoman Empire. However power and wealth was accompanied by jealousy, which invariably led to murder. If that was not enough, many Grand Viziers were executed in their beds after an unexpected visit from the Imperial Strangler, or beheaded in Topkapi or the Yedikule, at the behest of the Sultan. Of the 284 men who held this position, 44 Grand Viziers were executed at the order of the Sultan. When Damad Ali Paşa was disastrously defeated at the Battle of Petrovaradin in 1716, Sultan Ahmed III immediately sent orders for him to be executed, even though the Paşa was married to his daughter. But he escaped execution because he was fortunate enough to have been killed during the battle. He was however, hailed as a martyr. On the other hand Damad İbrahim Paşa was given up to mob justice by the Sultan, in order to save his own life, in 1730.