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Luxury Yacht Gulet Charter - Blue Cruise Turkey

After a year with a continuous working pace, a relaxing holiday is the best reward. We know the value of it and offer a luxury leisure experience for your holiday. Especially Bodrum – Fethiye section is just like a part of the heaven with its nature; crystal clear water and sandy beaches such as Oludeniz, Luxury resorts, boutique hotels and natural bays of this region are very famous and welcome all yachts to their sheltered water. Each of them is like a priceless gem with their turquoise colour water, especially Gocek which is like a pilgrimage place for gulet lovers. As your travel organizer, we arrange the most comfortable private gullet for your trip where you can get the best services. For those who want a little adventure in leisure, we can also provide scuba diving, paragliding or jeep safari depending on the region.


» The name of the color "Turquoise" derives from the French word and refers to the clean see colour in the Aegean Cost.

What is Luxury Gulet;

Gulets are the member of famous Mediterranean Schooners family with as a traditional design of a two-masted wooden sailing vessel. Specially furnished Luxury Gulets designed regarding guest needing and comfort. Jacuzzi on deck, bilingual crews and special equipment’s are always ready for our guests

Why you should experience Luxury Gulet?

Luxury Gulets provide unforgettable vacation for the guests. You will be able to access special bays where you can only reach with sea-way. Staying away from crowds, you can enjoy the crystal clear waters with your comfortable gulet. Your meals will be prepared regarding your taste and serve whenever you want. Everything in the Gulet arrange for you…

Who’s eligible for Luxury Gulets?

» Romantics: Honeymoon, anniversary or birthday for special person… Whatever the reason, Luxury Gulets provides full privacy to create the perfect ambiance for you…
» Lovers of Sea & Seeker of Leisure and Tranquillity: Luxury Gulets provides perfect way to enjoy the sea as they are able to sail through the small bays and coves to let you the enjoy the water & sun…
» Families & Friends: If you are group of people, Luxury Gulets will be perfect for spending week on the sea as you wish. Luxury Gulets can have 2 master cabins and other double & twin cabins as well regarding the size of the group.

How you should arrange the Luxury Gulets and meals;

Luxury Gulets are special items and between June to Middle of September, you can only rent them weekly starting from Saturdays. As your Travel Agency, we make the day regulations in your program and you will embark your boats in Saturday. Luxury Gulets can be available at Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris or Bodrum ports and it is changeable regarding Boats schedule. As Your Travel agency, we make these arrangements for you. Once you decide about your Gulet and make all necessary processes, 1 month before your arrival, we will send you a preference list where you will give us the details about your eating habits, allergies, foods that you like and drink... We will make all shopping for you and prepare meals as you wish…

 How you should arrange your Luxury Gulets;

As Private Tours with Mutlu Deveci & Team we are working with the best Luxury Gulets in the region. Those specially selected Gulets generally book 6 months before as they are few and their payment should be finalize minimum 1.5 months ago before arrival.

What can you do in Gulets?

You can just relax or regarding your interest, we can advise different routes as Leisure & Cultural. In leisure roués you will mainly visit special coves and bays but in Cultural route, you will stop in some ports for explore. You can also make scuba diving, rafting, mud-bath and hikig regarding your route…