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Biblical Tours

In the Footsteps of Apostle Paul


DAY 1 – ISTANBUL/ADANA/ANTIOCHUpon arrival at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, we connect directly to a domestic flight to Adana(Que valley 1Kings 10:28), ancient Cilicia. From there, we make our way to Tarsus, the birthplace of St Paul. Highlights include St Paul’s well and Cleopatra’s Gate. We continue on to Antioch at Orontes and stay the night there.Read More

Seven Churches

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Turkey – Tour Guide  invites you to embark on the Journey of a Lifetime! Yes, visit Turkey: the Lost Land of the Bible!  From Genesis to Revelation Turkey is the undiscovered jewel of Biblical history.  Throughout the ages it has been a tapestry of cultures and civilizations woven together by the indelible finger of God!  Perhaps, the sacred land where Paul of Tarsus lived and ministered will challenge you, y [...] Read More