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Dear Mutlu,

Thanks for making my Turkey trip a memorable one! I really appreciated your accomadating my needs when I hurt my knee. I hope you will someday find a beautiful, wonderful “lady” to run off with ! J Keep in touch & I hope hear back from you if I need references I have questions about Turkey for my writing . Much gratitude! And the dance / belly dancing is amazing. Peace,

Vicky Iskandar / California



Thanks so much you made this trip unforgettable. You were incredibly kind and attentive. I know without a doubt, I will return to Turkey. Erica and I would be delighted to see you in DC and I wish you all the best in your business and life. Enjoy your well deserved break and don’t forget all of our fun memories.

Sophie / Washington DC



Your knowledge , enthusiasm and genuine interest in our enjoyment and well-being made for a memorable experience. Thanks for everything! You’re always welcome when you decide to pay Canada a visit. Keep in touch. 

Best Regards…

Sultan Darryl / Toronto 



I am so glad you were my tour guide! You really made me and Sophie feel comfortable treated us really well. Thanks for coming to the club + stay out late with us even though you were so tired. I had a lot of fun playing backgammon + the gotcha game with you (and losing). I hope you win your Bentley so I can come to Turkey and you can drive me around and say “it’s okay”. I had so so so much fun on this trip I’m sad I’m leaving! Please come visit D.C.




What can I say? Turkey is a beautiful country. It is great that you were able to provide such a wonderful experience! You are very thorough and you definitely provide a complete itinerary. Thank you for everything. Loved to chance to meet your parents. It was a great touch.

Krista / Canada



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