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November 31, 2010
Calgary Alberta CANADA

Shanon Aldridge

To Whom It May Concern:

I had pleasure to first meeting with Mutlu Deveci in October 2010 at beginning of 15 day tour of Turkey. Mutlu was to be our guide, translator, historian, negotiator and point person of all our needs for duration of our visit to Turkey. My first impression of Mutlu was fun, personable, knowledgeable and professional.

This impression didn’t let me down. As we traveled around Turkey, Mutlu enlightened us all with his knowledge, of the Turkish culture and history of all various ancient sites. He was an encyclopedia of information.

He ran a very efficient and well organized tour. He was sensitive to the needs of a very diverse group. He allowed for flexibility in the schedule to accommodate the group deserve to spend more or less time at a spot. If there was anything we needed or deserved Mutlu found a way to meet those needs, whether it was, assisting us with ordering meals, stopping at the road side fruit stand to buy banana and oranges, negotiating the best prices for the carpets, leather jackets, or ceramics, stopping at the mall to shop, coordinating an unplanned sea kayak trip or getting everyone check into, settled and comfortable in our hotels. If there were any issues or problems, Mutlu dealt with them little or no impact to us all. 

I have taken several tours in different countries and have learned that a guide can really make or break a trip. To be responsible for and ensure that 15 strangers can meet and have a fantastic trip speaks volumes to the skills and strengths that Mutlu has.

Mutlu is natural leader and professional . He will be successful in all is future endeavors.


Shanon Aldridge


19 November 2010
Queensland AUSTRALIA 

Margaret Gough

To Whom It May Concern: 

I have a great pleasure in expressing appreciation for my recent trip exploring many treasures of Turkey. My enjoyment of the trip, I believe, was undoubtedly as a result of having excellent tour guide, such as Mutlu Deveci, who not only has an excellent knowledge of Turkey and everything Turkish, but also the ability to explore and satisfy the needs and expectations of all his guests.

Mutlu’s attitude and ability to coordinate a group of people of widely varying of ages and interests was one of most valuable assets. I believe, that each of us within the group of people with whom I travelled, looked forward each day to his confident and cheerful approach to the event planned for the day.  Whether his endeavoring to teach us the Turkish language, telling us to history and finer points of our next tour stop, or guiding us to the cheapest and the best restaurant in town. He was able to make the trip memorable and happy.

In addition, when tour guests indicated that they would enjoy kayaking during the trip, which was not included in the original itinerary. Mutlu demonstrated flexibility and organizational skills in order to achieve this.

I wish Mutlu well in his new tourist venture.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Gough


Dr. Fahrah Mawani

Vancouver CANADA

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Mutlu. He was our guide during our August 2010 15 day tour in Turkey.  He absolutely made the trip even more worthwhile! His extensive knowledge about the history, culture and the Turkish people gave the tourists a real understanding of Turkey. This contributed to us really experiencing Turkey rather than just glossing through the various regions and sites. Mutlu’s enthusiasm was infectious where we tourists anxiously anticipated the next turn in our 15 day journey with him. He exposed us to various cuisine, adventure sports and local people of Turkey. 

Mutlu has a natural affinity for people. He enjoys learning about their culture and then integrates these discussions in his tour to help his tourists to better relate to the history and culture in Turkey. His flexibility, relaxed demeanor and organization were key ingredients for making our experience in Turkey so memorable.

I wish Mutlu more success in his future career ambitions. With his hard work ethic and positive outlook. I am sure he will be successful in his pursuits. He is an asset for any company!

Please feel free to contact me for any additional inquires at the above contacts.


Dr. F. Mawani 


Robert & Joanne Parker
July 29, 2012 

To Whom It May Concern:

We had the pleasure of meeting Mutlu on our most recent vacation, taken in Turkey.Our family consists of my husband and I, and our 2 young Autistic sons. (Lachlan & Ewan) Due to the boys disabilities my husband & I have over the years opted to take ‘Tailor made’ holidays to countries we are unfamiliar with. This has proven most successful & optimized all of our enjoyment. Therefore over time, have met some very good guides.I write today because of all the guides I mention above, Mutlu is by far the best to date.His knowledge & compassion of the subject matter i.e.: Turkish history & culture is comprehensive and was delivered in an easygoing manner that ensured we all understood and enjoyed.We found Mutlu to be sincere, 
flexible & patient. He is friendly, 
altruistic, & reliable. During the holiday we moved around via airplane, bus etc. Mutlu’s organizational and administrative skills were excellent, which meant that the trip ran smoothly and we were free to fully relax and enjoy ourselves.We would unreservedly recommend Mutlu to any one looking for a guide or a company wishing to employee a guide.


Robert & Joanne Parker

Cloisters Square. WA  AUSTRALIA



Thanks for all of the wonderful memories from our trip. You were a fantastic guide> very happy, laid back, and eager to share your passion of Turkey. I could not have asked for a better vacation. I hope you enjoy your future tours and maybe even your own guide company or yachting business someday.

Monica /Washington DC



Mutlu Deveci,

Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the “totall awesome” job you did on this tour. Thank you for your patience, professionalism & hospitality. Although this trip may have been challenging at times, you handled yourself extremely well. I will always have fond memories of the adventures we shared on this trip. Keep striving for excellence & knowledge.

Tricia/ Toronto


Dear Mutlu,

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful tour of Turkey! Please let me know if you need any books from Harvard’s mighty library system- I am much in your debt, and would be happy to … you anything. Please know as well that should you ever come to Boston my guest room has your name on it- you can stay as long as you like. Teşekkür Ederim (Thank you)

Anne/ Harvard University



You are absolutely the best guide ever. Turkey was such a great experience and was even better because of all of your knowledge of the country & the history. Thank you…

Tanis Palmer/ Vancouver



I really enjoyed visiting Turkey. Thanks so much for making this trip even more special with your explanations and Turkish language classes. I really liked that you took us the optional activities, like hiking in Cappadocia, hot air ballooning and carpet weaver association... Thank you for everything…

Linda Romalin/ Miami USA




I am not a good writer but it was a life time experience in 15 days and be sure you have lifetime friend as well. Wish you all the best…

Essam  Al Zaabi/ Dubai UEA

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