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Sardis Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Sardis, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lydia, is located east of Izmir at the village of Sart, on the banks of the former I'aclolus River. [...] Read More


Lydia Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The Lydian people were prominent in Anatolia during the 6th and 7th centuries B.C. Their main stronghold was located at Sardis with its formidable citadel. We first see reference made to the Lydians on the tablet of Ashurbanipal of Assyria. [...] Read More


Larisa Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Ancient Larisa, one of the twelve cities of the Aeolian League, was once one of the most important city centers of Aeolis. The area Included the territory extending from Izmir to the Bay of Edremit. [...] Read More


Kyme Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Kyme, the most important of the Aeolian Confederacy cities, is located some forty kilometers south of Bergama, at the village of Namurt Limani. It was settled near the ancient Pythicos River, Koca Çay today, and enjoyed extreme prosperity from its fertile agricultural lands and position on the sea. [...] Read More


Aigai Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient site of Aigai, one of the twelve cities of Aeolis, is located some twenty miles north-west of Manisa. The ruins are impressive, but the journey is a tough one. It is accessible by Jeep from the coast road near Aliağa. The area is called Nemrut Kale in Turkish and is no longer inhabited. [...] Read More


Myrina Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Myri'/ia, considered one of the oldest towns of Aeolia, is found in the district of Aliaga, near the Aegean coast, not far from the ancient Kyme. The site is about thirty kilometers south of Bergama, on the gülf-formed by the Güzelhisar Çayı, formerly Pythicus River. Myrina is noted for its vast necropolis which dates to the Hellenistic period. Here thousands of tombs and burial vaults were excavated in the last century. [...] Read More


Pitane Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The site of ancient Pitane, noted more for its excellently preserved Venetian castle than its ruins of the Greek period when the city held a place in the Aeolian Confederation, is a pleasant place to spend an afternoon by the seaside taking in the sights. The ancient city is found on the small peninsula jutting into the North Aegean Sea at the Turkish town of Cjandarh. It is about twenty-five miles from Bergama with the road passing twice over the Bakir Cayi River, the Caicns of antiquity, as il makes its way ever southward to the blue Aegean. [...] Read More


Aeolia Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The original Aeolian city was Smyrna. It was here on the west coast of Anatolia that the early Greek settlers known as the Aeolians chose to start their new lives after migrating from the Greek mainland. [...] Read More


pergamum Tours Travel Guide Turkey

This part of the guide aims at providing the tourist with historical and archaeological information on Pergamum, the famous city of the Attalus Dynasty, the rich capital of Roman Asia Minor and finally on the picturesque Turkish town of Bergama. [...] Read More


Assos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The site of ancient Assos is located about one hundred kilometers south of Çanakkale, on is the Bay of Edremit, across from the Greek Island of Lesbos. [...] Read More

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