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Erythrae Tours Travel Guide Turkey

There is some uncertainty as to the location of the first city of Erythrae. One authority suggests it may have been moved to its present location in the middle of the fourth century B.C., from the small peninsula of Kalem Burnu, just to the west of Ilica. Evidence at both sites may be said to support this theory. [...] Read More


Clazomenae Tours Travel Guide Turkey

A small island connected to the mainland by a raised causeway across the water, roughly twenty-five miles from Izmir, as one travels south along the bay, is the Clazomenae of ancient Ionia. [...] Read More


Phocaea Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient Ionian city of Phocaea is situated north of Izmir, on the shores of the Aegean, just at the mouth of the Bay of Izmir. From Izmir turn toward the west just north of Menemen. This road will take you to the end of the peninsula at FcQa. Though this was Aeolian territory, Phocaea remained an Ionian settlement. [...] Read More


Izmir Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The first city of Smyrna was founded 5000 years ago (3000 B.C.) in Tepekule, Bayrakh. This city had a small sheltered harbor and the houses were built on the rocks. [...] Read More


Ionia Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The Ionians were the next to come into Anatolia from (lie Greek mainland after the Aeolians. They started their flow into the regions south of Aeolis as far as the Meander River around the 10)11 century B.C. According to Greek legend, the Ionians were led by the sons of Codrus, the king of Athens. [...] Read More


Thyateira Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The modern town of Akhisar is on the site of old Thyateira. It was originally a Lydian town and only took the name of Thyateira in the third century B.C. after being captured by Seleucus Nicator. It became part of the Pergamene kingdom after the defeat of Ant- iochus II in 190 B.C. and was annexed by the Romans at the same time as Pergamum. [...] Read More


Philadelphia Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Philadelphia was probably founded on the site of a Lydian town. It was founded by Attala II Philadelphia and named Philadelphia in his honour. [...] Read More


Nysa Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ruins of ancient Nysa lie a few kilometers beyond the present village of Sultanhisar on the south slope of Mt. Messogis. The site is on the Izmir-Denizli highway, not far from Aydın, in the lovely valley of the Büyük Menderes River, formerly the Meander. [...] Read More


Tralles Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Strabo describes the location of Tralles as being on an elevated plateau with a steep acropolis. Today the ruins of this once wealthy city can be seen on such a plateau above the present city of Ay- din. Unfortunately, there is little to see there. In addition, the area is a military zone and special permission is needed to visit the site. This permission can be obtained from the vilayet office in Aydin. [...] Read More


Magnesia Ad Sıpylus Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Magnesia ad Sipylus, once the capital of the Byzantine Empire and a major city along the royal road to Izmir, is located some thirty miles northeast of Izmir at the foot of Mount Manisa Dağı in the present Turkish provincial capital of Manisa. [...] Read More

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