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Didyma Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient Ionian sanctuary of Didyma lies about fifty kilometers south of Soke, near the village of Akkoy. The Biiyiik Men- deres, formerly the Meander River, runs into the sea just north of Didyma, and ancient Miletus is nearby. The site boasts one of the largest and most magnificent temples of the ancient world, the [...] Read More


Miletus Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Ancient Miletus is located beyond the Meander Valley, about forty kilometers from Soke, at the town of Balat. [...] Read More


Priene Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Priene, one of the twelve cities of the Ionian League, was, with its well-ordered streets, its beautiful buildings, temples and gymnasiums, and its market place, theater, and stadium, the most perfect and elegant city of ancient times. [...] Read More


Magnesia On The Meander Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Magnesia is a rare exception among towns founded by the Greeks during the eleventh century B.C. because of its inland location. [...] Read More


Ephesus Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Ephesus, representing many cultures of bygone epochs, is the most famous of the cities of Asia Minor. This fame arises from the role which it played in the history of religions, from the governmental and economic systems which it established and developed, and finally from its place in the growth of various branches of the fine arts. [...] Read More


Klaros Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The site of Klaros, near ancient Kolophon and just a few kilometers inland from Notion, is best reached by driving south from fzmir to the town of Degirmendere. Klaros in another thirty or so kilometers to the southeast. The ancient site was situated on a small, level plain, inside the area of Ionian Kolophon, and existed as an important religious center through the Hellenistic and Roman periods. [...] Read More


Notion Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The site of ancient Notion or Notiori-by-the-Sea is located south of Izmir, tliirty kilometers from the town of Degirmendere. Notion served as a port to the Ionian city of Kolophnii, and is situated just a lew kilometers smith of one of the most important religious centers in antiquity, the site of Klaros. Ancient Notion was built on a hill above the sea, and played an important role as a naval and commercial center. [...] Read More


Kolophon Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Kolophon was one of the eldest and most important cities of Ionia. It was situated on the coast of Asia, and its close position to the sea resulted in a strong naval fleet. The terrain of Kolophon was ideal for raising horses, and the city became famous for its cavalry. In battle, the use of Kolophonian cavalry was a decisive factor in the outcome of the encounter. Another animal which played an important part in Kolophonian military life as well as religious life was its dogs. [...] Read More


Lebedos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient city of Lebedos, one of the twelve Ionian cities, was renowned for culture and the arts. Little is to be seen at the site in the way of standing ruins with the exception of the Hellenistic fortifications. The site has yet to be excavated. It is found on the Kisik Peninsula, near the village of Ürkmez. The area is most easily accessible by boat from Sığacık. [...] Read More


Teos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The large port city of Teos was once the center of the actors guild of Ionia. Its extensive ruins, including those of the renowned Temple of Dionysius at Teos, make a visit to the site worthwhile. It is located very near the town of Sığacık and can be reached quite easily over good roads from Izmir. The distance to the site is just under thirty miles from Izmir. [...] Read More

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