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Iassos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

lasses may be readied by car, by turning off the Alihls-Baha highway and passing through the village of Karakuyu. Alternatively, it may be reached by chartering a boat at a moderate price from the port of Kiilliik. The site of the ancient city is now included in part of the village of Kuren. [...] Read More


Mylasa Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient city of Mylasa, located at the present Turkish town of Milâs, some forty miles to the west of Muğla, was a Carian sanctuary joined with the neighboring religious center at Labranda [...] Read More


Euromos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ruins of Euromos are situated at Ayakh, in close proximity to the road between Milas and Lake Bafa. Approached from the direction of Milas, they are on the east side. Sixteen temple columns mark the site. [...] Read More


Labranda Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The site of Labranda, dating from the late Hellenistic period, is located in the Sodra Dağı Mountains, not far from Milâs, the former Mylasa, and about 110 kilometers northwest of Muğla. Take Highway 30 south from Söke to Milâs. [...] Read More


Alabanda Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The remains of the Carian city of Alabanda lie south of Aydin, in the village of Araphisar. Take Highway 6, running between Aydin and Muğla, to Çine. The ruins are seven kilometers west of Çine. This location puts Alabanda in ancient Caria proper, south of the Meander River, west of Marsias, or the Turkish Çine Çayı River. The city was situated on a broad plain at the base of two hills to the south. This plain made up the territory of Alabanda, which was controlled from the acropolis on the eastern hill. [...] Read More


Alinda Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Alinda, near the site of ancient Alabanda, reveals some of what are thought to be the finest ruins to come out of Carian antiquity. The city lias been identified out of a very unclear past by coins found at the extensive ruins there. It is located at the Turkish town of Karpuzlu. Follow Route Six, running between Aydin and Mugla, to the Ivarpuzlu turnolf. This is about a mile before coming to the town of Cine. Karpuzhi is some fifteen miles from the turnoff. [...] Read More


Heraclea Under Latmos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The site of ancient Heraclea, at the foot of the former Latmos mountains, the Beş Parmak of today, is located near the little town of Kapıları [...] Read More


Caria Its Ancıent Cities Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The Carians, like the Lyeians and Lydias, arc considered indigenous peoples of Anatolia. The Garian script lias not yet been deciphered, and il lias not been possible to determine to which group of languages il belongs. They were neighbors of the Lydians and are also thought to have been seafaring people. The Greeks captured the Carian cities of Halicarnassus, Cnidus and Barygylia. Halicarnassus, the Bodrum of today, which is located on the peninsula jutting into the Aegean on the southwestern coast of Anatolia, was the principle center of Caria. [...] Read More


The Panıonıon Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The spot known as the Panionion of antiquity was the sacred meeting grounds of the twelve Ionian cities. Here they staged their annual festival, Panionia, under the shadow of the ancient Mount Mycale, as well as various religious gatherings and celebrations. [...] Read More


Myus Tours Travel Guide Turkey

A visit to the secluded site of ancient Ionian Myus, nestled alongside the Meander River, can be a most pleasant experience. This was at one time a great port city on the Meander. It is located near the village of Av§ar, almost directly south of Soke. A road approaches the site from the town of San Kemer, or, otherwise, the river can be crossed by ferry from the village of Ôzbasi. [...] Read More

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