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The Letoon Tours Travel Guide Turkey

After Pinara the main road of historical Lycia turns south just one kilometer before Xanthos, now called Kinik. [...] Read More


Pinara Tours Travel Guide Turkey

On the main road from Fethiye to the historical places of Lycia, if you turn off to the right before Giilmez, you will find after 5 km the village of Minare. [...] Read More


Telmessos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient city of Telmessos (Fethiye) is situated in a wonder¬ful bay. Fouiteen islands give an original aspect to this bay and protect it against winds and storms. [...] Read More


Lycia Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The beautifully preserved Lyeian capital of Xanthos, with its monuments dating to as far back as 600 B.C., gives evidence of the glory that once belonged to the Lycians, These people, like the Hittites, spoke an Indo-European language, and they are considered indigenous to Anatolia. [...] Read More


Aphrodisias Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Aphrodisias was settled on the fertile plains of Eastern Caria just east of Aydm, the former Tralles, beneath the slopes of Baba Dağı mountain. Follow Route E-24 from Aydın to Kuyueak, then turn southward to reach the village of Geyre, the sile of the ancient city's ruins. [...] Read More


Caunos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient Carian city of Caunos is found some thirty-five miles south of Muğla, travelling along route six out of Muğla. [...] Read More


Cnidus Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient city of Cnidus, one of the six original Dorian cities and an important center of art and culture, is located at the end of the Datça Peninsula in the Bay of Kerme. [...] Read More


Keramos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Because this site is so hard to gel to, it is seldom visited. Keramos lies in a corner of an alluvial plain or delta at the mouth of the Koca Çay. The expansion of the delta since the time of the ancients has resulted in the burial of the lower parts of the wall which stands on flat ground. [...] Read More


Myndos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ruins of the ancient Carian town of Myndos lie on the eastern point of the Bodrum peninsula at the village of Gümüşlük. It was one of eight coastal cities founded by the Lelegians, who occupied the area aıoıınd Halicarnassus before the Carians ap¬peared. The distinctive architectural style of the Lelegians can be seen at several sites on the peninsula. [...] Read More


Halicarnassus Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Halicarnassus, the principal center of ancient Caria, is located about eighty kilometers south of Milas at the present town of Bodrum. The site is surrounded by hills overlooking the Bay of Kerme and includes the sixth-century B.C. tomb of King Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Also of special interest is the museum, which contains artifacts from various periods of antiquity. [...] Read More

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