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Termessos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ruins of the ancient city of Termessos are 35 kilometers west of Antalya, on the road to Korkuteli and near Mt. Giilliik (ancient Solima). A trail from the Yenice Kahve on the Antalya - Korkuteli road leads to the ruins. [...] Read More


Antalya Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Situated to the northwest of the gulf of the same name An¬talya is, both historically and archaeologically, one of the most important cities of the Mediterranean area. [...] Read More


Pamphylia Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Pamphylia, which corresponds to the modern province of Antal¬ya, is bounded by the provinces of Lycia in the west and Cilicia in the east and north. [...] Read More


Phaselis Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Tourists visiting Lycia on the southwest coast of Anatolia have before them an extraordinary landscape and ruins of ancient cities with a rich past. [...] Read More


Olympos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

In ancient Greek the word «Olympos» means «mountain.» On historical maps there are at least twenty mountains called Olympos, The most famous of these is Mount Olympos in Thessaly, and it was considered the residence of the gods. [...] Read More


Lmyra Tours Travel Guide Turkey

It is by driving along the Finilce - Elmali road that you can reach one of the most important Lycian cities, Limyra. Near Tu- runçova you have to turn off in the direction of Kumluca. If you come from Antalya, from Kumluca you drive in the direction of Turunçova. [...] Read More


Myra Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient site of Myra is located near Demre on the Kaş - Finike road. There you will find the Church of St. Nicholas, the famous Santa Claus of the western world. [...] Read More


Antiphellos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Antiphellos is situated on the eastern ooast of the peninsula of Teke, which is formed by tlie Bay of Antalya to the east (Sea of Pamphylia), by the Bay of Fethiye to the west (Sinus Glacicus), and to the north the Taurus Mountains are its boundary. [...] Read More


Patara Tours Travel Guide Turkey

This site is located eleven kilometers south of Xanthos at the turning for Kalkan on the road to Kaş. After passing some small hills one perceives Patara, the great and famous Lycian harbour. [...] Read More


Xanthos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient city of Xanthos was the capital of the Lycians, and today it offers some excellent examples of the famous rock-cut tombs of these early Anatolian people. [...] Read More

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