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Boğazköy Hattusas Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The study of ancient civilizations is often obscure, and the appreciation of the achievements of people who are represented to us today through only what they have left behind is often dif¬ficult, requiring considerable imagination even on the part of profes¬sional archaeologists, let alone the average tourist. [...] Read More


Ankara Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Nestled in a shallow basin high on the Central Anatolian Plain, Ankara exists as the pulse of the modern Turkish nation. [...] Read More


Hierapolis Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The chalk-white cliffs and formations of Pamukkale, «Cotton Castle» in Turkish, mark the site of the ancient city of Hierapolis. [...] Read More


Laodicea Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Found seven kilometers from Pamukkale, the remains of Laodi- eea are situated on a hill three hundred meters in altitude. [...] Read More


Midas City Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The site of Midas City or Midas Şehri, in Turkish, is known for its mound contains Lite palace proper. [...] Read More


Gordion Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient capital of the Phrygians, Gordion, is located about a hundred kilometers south of Ankara on the highway running bet¬ween Ankara and Eskisehir. [...] Read More


Pessinus Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The ancient site of Pessinus is found fifteen kilometers south of Sivrihisar, near Balhisar village. [...] Read More


Phrygia Tours Travel Guide Turkey

It was not long after the swift Phrygian conquest of llie Hittite Empire that these Sea People had control of nearly all of Anatolia. [...] Read More


Commagene At Nemrud Dağ Tours Travel Guide Turkey

This Hellenistic site is near Mount Nemrut or Nemrud Dağı, in the vicinity of Adıyaman in southeastern Anatolia. Also to be seen here is the famous Antiochus sepulchral monument on the mountain. [...] Read More


Adana Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Adana is a very old city dating from the Hittites. Apparently, the earliest inhabitants were a native Cilician people, contemporary with the Hittites, and may have been the «Danunians» mentioned in the inscriptions at Karatepe. Also suggested by scholars is that they were the Dodanium, of the book of Genesis, and the Danaoi of Homer's Iliad. [...] Read More

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