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abydos Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The site of ancient Abydos, famous for the Legend of Leander, is located on the coast of north-western Anatolia, on the Dardanelle Straits or the Hellespont of antiquity, north of Çanakkale. It is at the Turkish village of Nara looking across the dark waters to Gallipolli on the European shore. [...] Read More


Troy Tours Travel Guide Turkey

We first find the words Troy and Troad in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey written in tlie Dili century B.C. Among other writers who subsequently disputed the question of Troy were Lycurgus a contemporary of Homer, Anaximandcr of Miletus, born towards the end of the 7th century B.C. Hecataeus of the same town writing in the 6th century, the historian Scylax and the geographer Hellanieus, Thucvdides, historian of the classic age, Pliny, Strabo of the 1st century B.C. and Polemon. [...] Read More


Istanbul Tours Travel Guide Turkey

Istanbul (Lat. 28-30° E., Long. 41° N.) is situated between the Marmara and the -Black Sea. This unique setting gives it a mixed climate, partly Mediterranean, partly Central European, and partly Black Sea, and the temperature varies considerably from season to season. In spring and autumn the Lodos (S. Wind) prevails, often heralding rain; in winter the Karayel (NW. Wind) brings cold and snow; in summer the N.E. breezes bring clear mild weather. [...] Read More


Anatolia Through The Ages Tours Travel Guide Turkey

The story of Anatolia is one of people. The Anatolian peninsula —a vast expanse of highlands and mountain ranges, sloping gently to the sea in the west— has been inhabited since the dawn of man. [...] Read More


Tour Guide in Istanbul

Discover Istanbul with Mutlu Deveci's Private Tours. Mutlu offers extraordinary and amazing tours in Istanbul. [...] Read More


Tour Guide in Turkey

Discover Turkey with Mutlu Deveci's knowledge, enthusiasim and friendship.Enjoy cradle of civilizations. [...] Read More

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