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Pazarlı Tours Travel Guide Turkey

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At the site of Pazarh we find the remains of a fortress which dates to the period of the Phrygians. The site is located some thirty kilometers from Alacahoyiik. Take the Alaca - Çorum road to the vil­lage of Kure, then pass through the Koyunlu village to arrive at the village of Çikhasan. The site is reached after a walk of a few minutes.


The site shows evidence of having been occupied from the Chalcolithic period onward. Remains dating to the Copper Age and the period of the Hittites were found at Pazarh in excavations un­dertaken by the Turkish Historical Society in 1937. The Phrygians moved into the region as the Hittite Empire was on the decline. Pazarh was used by these «Sea Peoples» as a fortified city of im­portance that was included in their kingdom ruled from the capital at Gordion.


The Phrygian fortress is the most important of the ruins found at Pazarh, it was constructed around 500 B.C. The stone foundations and the entrance to the courtyard are very distinct. The areas of the castle turrets had been reinforced with heavy stonework and timbers. Foundations of buildings may be determined inside the fortress. On the floor of one of these, a mosaic of painted spikes has been uncovered. It is thought that the wooden buildings were made with two stories. Several stone staircases are found at the site. One of the houses, thought to have belonged to a person of nobility, was paneled in wood; the outside carried reliefs and colored tiles. A vast assortment of Phrygian artifacts was uncovered during the excavations at Pazarlı. Most of these have been taken to the museum in Ankara, but a display is also found at the museum at Alacahöyük. The excavation group opened one of the tumuli at the site to find the plundered grave of a man who lived during the Hellenistic Age. Remains of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine pe­riods can be seen in Pazarlı and on the outskirts of the village.