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About Turkey

Grand Vizier

This highest of officials, the Grand Vizier might at times be merely the executive arm of the ruler or he might have held the right to act in place of the ruler, depending upon how active the monarch was.Quite often they were the real power, along with the Valide Sultan, [...] Read More


Radisson Blu Istanbul Pera

Radisson Blu Pera is located heart of the city only 2 minutes distance to Istiklal Street and just 10 minutes to Historical Peninsula. Hotel offer many amenities. [...] Read More


Destination Istanbul Turkey

Sounds of the Ezans melts in the first lights of the sun every morning and a day starts with the screams of seagulls chasing the public ferries sailing from Asian to European side carrying students, workers or young lovers… [...] Read More


Destination Cappadocia Turkey

The fairy tale of nature had started million years ago with volcanoes. Then wind, rain and the temperature differences started to give shape to the region and humankind just added the meaning and the spirit on it. [...] Read More


Destination Aegean Sea Region

If you want to visit the real places where the mythological legends arose such as Troy, Mount Ida, Temple of Artemis; Aegean must be the main highlight of your trip. [...] Read More


Luxury Yacht Gulet Charter - Blue Cruise Turkey

After a year with a continuous working pace, a relaxing holiday is the best reward. We know the value of it and offer a luxury leisure experience for your holiday. [...] Read More


Destination Antalya Region

A blessed city with turquoise colored coasts which has an hypnotic power.. Visitors forget all the daily rush and get rid of the city life stress. For that reason, even it has great antique ruins as well, Antalya is mainly the favourite resort area in Turkey [...] Read More


Destination South Eastern Region

“Oriental” will be your first thought when you see the buildings and the historical places. Even though the vibrant atmosphere, this section will give a great mysterious feeling to you. [...] Read More


Destination Black Sea Region

The region is a real heaven for nature lovers and botanists with its oceanic climate and full of green areas, forests, rivers.. [...] Read More


Destination Eastern Turkey

A remote but impressive part of Turkey. Churches, mosques and madrasahs of the cities are monumental because of their well developed stonework. [...] Read More

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